Am I anti Jimmy Buffet?

Locals often use the expression “Lucky we live Hawaii” when something reminds us of how special it is to be in the islands. According to a new Harris poll, Hawaii is ranked just below California in the poll that asks all U.S. Adults “If you could live in any state in the country, except the state you live in now, what state would you choose to live in?” Hawaii moves up from number three last year by trading places with Florida, which is followed by Colorado and Arizona as number five. Hawaii has been ranked number two just once before since 1997 when Harris began asking the question. more

Every Friday we answer questions from podcast listeners who have questions. Today we answer the question from Luke in Australia who is interested in the airline industry and wanted to know what impact the lost of Aloha airlines had on our company. We discussed the impact this had and also discuss the local airline industry in general. I also talk a little bit about airlines in general and my disappointment with them especially in the last few years.

I also got an e-mail from another person in Australia this week. Bob wanted to know why I have such a strong anti-Jimmy Buffett stance. I talk about why I have strong feelings about Jimmy Buffett and it really has nothing to do with him personally. I had a bad experience at his restaurant during one of his live performances that I share with everybody this week.