Aloha Friday – Podcast listener questions answered

It’s Aloha Friday and that means we talk about questions that have come in from podcast listeners and customers over the past week.

We answer Ron’s question about planning a honeymoon in Hawaii. His wife to be doesn’t want to go to any place that’s too touristy so we make suggestions about the options that are open to him. They are also both vegetarians are wondering what options they have if they are vegans. Hawaii really is a perfect honeymoon location and if you want to stay out of the touristy spots and we recommend either Kauai or the Big Island. Any of the islands have lots of options for folks who are vegetarians so that’s really never a problem and also talk about some activities that will provide them with some serenity.

Diane from Seattle is coming to a wahoo celebrate her 20th anniversary November and is renewing their vows at Magic Island here on Oahu. She would like to know she gave find a place that will provide a very special picnic after the vows. She wants to do something that includes wine or champagne and a specialized dinner of antipasto with cheese or maybe even a fruit platter. Unfortunately something like that isn’t that easy and we go over options that might be available to her including just having a really wonderfully planned lunch across the street in one of the restaurants.

Barbara from New England has been doing a lot of research online has been getting overwhelmed by the process. Seven difficult deciding where to stay and we make some suggestions based on her needs. She was looking for something more affordable and also on the beach on Maui. She also had questions about flying to the other islands and what the cost of that would be involved. We gave her some suggestions and also talked whether or not it makes sense to take day trips to the other islands.

Finally we got a question from Nora wanted to know what the ‘hang loose’ sign means. Also called a Shaka, he means basically to take it easy and not to sweat the small stuff. It also is used as a greeting when somebody does something nice for you. Here in Hawaii we really do believe that you shouldn’t get too stressed out and take things nice and easy.