Outrigger Tradewinds Catamaran Adventure – Review

We had a awesome time Monday on the Outrigger trade winds. I was invited to check it out by Nathatn Kam and Jeremiah Owyang, some good friends of mine in the social networking community and by Nancy Danials the PR director from the Outrigger. The boat is really cool, it’s a former championship racing catamaran, it’s 45 feet long and 24 feet wide, able to accommodate 49 passengers. It has custom fitted “spectra nets” for lounging, luxury mid-deck seating, 2 restrooms, bar and lifeguard certified crew. This is the first time I have actually been on this catamaran. We put a lot of folks on their Sunset Sail, which is also great included in all of our Oahu all inclusive packages.

We got to the check-in point for the cruise at about 9AM behind the Outrigger reef. You should bring a towel and snorkeling gear if you have it, they provide equipment, but not fins. They also take your shoes, so just wear thongs or flip flops, I also wore a wet suit top, but that’s just me, it keeps you a little warmer in the water and protects you from the sun.

The boat goes out about a 1/2 mile to a place called Turtle canyon. This is an excellent snorkeling spot and I noticed a few of these catamarans out there. We saw a lot of fish and the canyon was like a turtle car wash, because these fish actually feed off the turtles bodies. This is the closest I have ever been to turtles n the water . If you do this you defiantly want to invest in one of those waterproof cameras, because you can get some really great shots of the fish and the turtles. You can free dive the bottom of the reefif you’re a good snorkeler.

We were at turtle canyon for about 45 minutes and then set sail for a mini cruise off the coast of Waikiki. We sailed almost to Diamond Head. If you have never been on one of these racing catamarans it’s a real treat, they cruise at a good clip, up to 18 knots, and with the swells, this cruise felt like a Disney e-ticket ride on the pacific. If you want to have more fun and your stomach can handle it get out on the nets at the front of the boat and yes plan to get wet !!

Overall it’s a great time, I recommend it for a few hours in the morning if you’re on Oahu, the cost is 47 per person, for more info call us at 1-800-843-8771.