Local words you should know before you come to Hawaii

Aloha and welcome once again to another episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection, thanks for tuning in! Today Bruce and Yaling will be talking about Hawaii news, local words and phrases you might here while on your vacation in the islands and lastly Hawaii packages that have been booked by hawaii-aloha.com in the past 24 hours. This is a great segment to listen to because it details what Hawaii vacation packages are currently priced at and being booked for.
To celebrate their anniversary, Bruce and Yaling are headed to Maui this weekend to stay in the Hyatt for one night and then the Grand Wailea. They are celebrating 9 years married, 10 years together and are treating themselves to something special since they both forgot their wedding anniversary this past weekend on March 7th… whoops!
Now onto Hawaii travel news, the Iolani Palace received 8,362 visitors in 2009 which is the highest ever since it’s opening in 1978. A historic attraction, this is the only royal palace in the United States and is now open on Mondays with a variety of tour options. Also, Honolulu is ranked 3rd among 43 US Metropolitan areas as the greenest city, which is great news! Just remember, when you come to Hawaii please help us keep the aina (island) clean. In conjunction with this was the Honolulu Festival, which was just fantastic and Bruce and Yaling got a chance to enjoy the multicultural entertainment of the event.
As for local words and phrases, here are some of the basic ones for you: aloha (hi, goodbye, I love you), mahalo (thank you), akamai (smart, intelligence), pau (done), bruddah or brah (brother or pal), bumbai (later), bummahs (bummer), chicken skin (goose bumps/chills), dakine (a word that represents almost anything when you can’t think of the word), fo’ real (are you kidding?), grinds (food), hana hou (encore) plus many more fun words and phrases.