Things to remember before you travel to Hawaii

Bruce and Yaling Fisher air their 372nd podcast with the Hawaii Vacation Connection, brought to you by You can reach them at 1-800-843-8771 or visit them online or via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today’s podcast details some Hawaii travel news, but first you’ll hear about the difference between Hawaii and mainland time, since daylight savings time is about to happen. Hawaii doesn’t ever change time zones so you can always be sure Hawaii time will be the same year-round.
Earlier in the week, Alaska Airlines started thrice weekly service from San Jose, California to Maui. This means more flights from San Jose to Maui, plus more flights from San Jose to the Big Island too. Alaska Airlines is also implementing a Hawaii theme on all flights headed to the islands, with food and beverage services that are reminiscent of Hawaii.
On the Big Island, we’re seeing revitalization done at the Shertaon Keahou Resort’s 522-acre property. Learn more about what this entails on today’s podcast. There’s also a cool new app for your smart phone called ‘What Chefs Eat’, which comes from Hawaii. Bruce and Yaling will explain more about this in next week’s podcast, so stay tuned.
How do you prepare for your Hawaii vacation? First of all flight schedules and carry-ons are important. Don’t forget to call the airline ahead of time to check for any last minute schedule changes, and as for luggage, make sure that whatever you bring can fit in the overhead luggage bins. While the mainland to Hawaii flights have large overhead storage, the interisland flight bins are much smaller. Also, here’s a tip for packing your luggage: distribute the weight between suitcases so you don’t exceed 50 pounds and make ‘his and hers’ suitcases just in case a piece of luggage is lost. And don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs!
Here’s what to bring on your Hawaii vacation: summer clothes (temperature here is about 80 degrees year-round), a couple bathing suits and a light jacket or sweater (a lot of places AC their indoors here in Hawaii!).
A couple Hawaii package reviews will be mentioned on today’s podcast, and listen to a last minute package from Texas to Honolulu, booked by Jesse over at extension 42 for only $2,606.