Hawaii Happenings

Another episode of Hawaii Vacation Connection brings you the 371st podcast with tons to talk about. Bruce and Yaling will discuss about why you should book your Hawaii cruise, plus Taimane Gardner’s performance at an upcoming festival and the screening of HBO’s new series ‘The Pacific’. Lastly Bruce and Yaling will share with you the new honey toast dessert from Shokudo, and will wrap up the podcast with Hawaii packages booked within the last 24 hours.
Another reason to book your Hawaii cruise: NCL announced yesterday that they will be raising the price of Pride of America 7% on April 2nd. We’ve been seeing these increases in bookings because of high demand. This means that the cruises will rise approximately $75-$100 more per person.
Coming up this weekend is the Honolulu Festival with local musicians and entertainment. Taimane Gardner is an amazing ukulele player and will be playing at the event. Listen for the demo of Taimane on today’s podcast!
A new dessert called honey toast was a taste bud treat for Bruce and Yaling at Shokudo. On today’s podcast you can listen to and watch as they sample this delicious flavor at a Japanese restaurant in Honolulu.
This podcast ends with Hawaii packages that were recently booked by agents Jesse, Kalei and Abby. A big congratulations to all the future Hawaii vacationers and their great deals! If you’re looking for a Hawaii vacation you’ve certainly come to the right place!