Reflecting on Tsunami Saturday in Hawaii

Bruce and Yaling have an excellent podcast for you today, talking of course about the tsunami scare that hit Hawaii, their weekend with Yelpers, upcoming things in Hawaii and Hawaii vacation packages. March 3, 2010 marks the 370th podcast, brought to you by
The Yelp party at KA in Ward Warehouse was good fun and Bruce and Yaling partied it up with a great young crowd, celebrating the year of the tiger with free food and drinks.
If you’re a history buff and want to learn more about WWII you should check out the new mini series by HBO, ‘The Pacific’. Bruce and Yaling are invited to the screening of The Pacific, with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The series follows the soldiers of WWII as they make their journey across the Pacific and will be a very poignant and nostalgic show.
Now of course the big news is the recent tsunami scare. At about 6:30am warnings of a tsunami hit Hawaii as a result of the Chilean earthquake. This basically turned everybody’s clocks, personal schedules and public events upside down. Everything was called off and the sounds of sirens wailed throughout the neighborhoods. Bruce finds out there is no tsunami survival guide app, so he decides to figure out his own package to make it through the disaster.
Here’s what Bruce’s survival kit includes: an old transistor radio, a calculator, a heart monitor (don’t forget to collaborate your watch with it), several PDS’s such as the iPod mini (which acts as a reflector for SOS signals) and more. Bruce and Yaling get funny with the 21st century version of a survival kit.