Hawaii News Nuggets – Hawaii Vacations

This is the 369th episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection, and Bruce and Yaling have some great discussions like hotel occupancy and the average rate of a room for each of the islands, vacation packages with prices that have recently been booked, and whether or not it’s time for NCL to bring another ship to Hawaii. This podcast is brought to you by Hawaii-Aloha.com so check them out on the web, they’d love to hear from you and get your input if you’re planning a trip to Hawaii.
Hotel occupancy rates have grown from 6.1 points to 83.3% for the week ending February 20th, which is compared to last year this time. The average cost of a hotel in Hawaii is $178. The cheapest Bruce is seeing for a room is about $68-$70 for a budget property, and the room rates have actually dropped on Oahu. Oahu’s average room rate is $151, Maui is $235, Kauai is $ and Big Island is $172.
Saturday, the Moana Surfrider on Oahu is opening up a beachfront chapel. If you’ve always wanted to get married in Hawaii, then this beachfront chapel is ideal! Do everything in one place; a beach wedding, chapel and the reception at Waikiki. This classic hotel is a beautiful property and the chapel is already quickly getting filled up for the year.
Last time we talked about airfare and today what we’re seeing is more and more carriers are starting to add more lift and more fees. There is approximately 2.3 million air seats scheduled to be filled from March through May, which represents a 5% increase. We haven’t seen this kind of airlift since ATA went out of business!
As always, the moral of the story is book now. Yaling has put together a list of the recent packages booked within the past 24 or 48 hours. The first one is Glenda and Emily who are traveling in May to the Aqua Aloha Surf in Honolulu for $1830. The next one is for a family of 6 traveling in June from Sacramento to Maui for $4,200, booked by Makana. A family of 2 traveling from Kentucky to Honolulu September 10-18 staying in Waikiki for $1,765. Congratulations to all you future Hawaii travelers, and hopefully you’ll be planning your vacation soon too!