The Year of the Tiger – Chinese New Year in Hawaii

On this 349th podcast, Bruce and Yaling will talk about the happy people of Hawaii (that’s you and me!), the Chinese New Year, the Spam Jam that’s coming up in Honolulu and then of course packages that have been booked in the last 24 to 48 hours. This is where Hawaii Aloha Travel goes over the recent packages booked and the prices plus what’s included, like airfare, hotel and what type of car they’ve rented.
Over the years, polls have revealed that people living in Hawaii are happier than in other parts of the country. Polls also show that people in Hawaii are more satisfied with their lives, and second to Hawaii was Louisiana. Hawaii was also voted the sexiest and most romantic destination in the US and Canada, based on Recommend Magazine. Plus, a Healthy Ways poll had Hawaii residents setting records as the state with the highest health and well being, topping this poll for the 2nd time in less than a year.
Why is Hawaii so healthy? It might be due to our healthcare system (one of the best in the country, with 90% residents covered), or the environment, or it might be Hawaii’s low unemployment rates. While you may be headed to Hawaii for just a vacation, if you want to move here we won’t blame you!
There are also a lot of celebrations happening right now, including the Chinese New Year. This 2-week celebration is designed to scare the bad spirits away and bring good luck for the new year, which is based on the lunar year system. Tons of street parties, open houses, cultural events and a huge parade help set things in motion for this exciting event.
This podcast ends with a variety of Hawaii vacation package reviews, from a Dallas family traveling to Waikiki for $2393 to a couple traveling to the Park Shore in Waikiki for $2599. Congrats vacationers!