Should Hawaii Allow Casino Gambling?

On this episode of Hawaii Vacation Connection, Bruce and Yaling have lots of LOST stuff for you to enjoy, plus a variety of other news topics, and the main question for the day, should Hawaii allow casino gambling? Listen in for Bruce and Yaling’s opinion plus some background info and history on the topic.
Daniel Dae Kim will be gainfully employed for a while longer because CBS has confirmed that they are signing him to do the remake of Hawaii Five-0, to begin filming in Oahu mid-March. The other roles are still to be determined, but listen in to this show for some hints!
If you’re planning on traveling to Kauai soon, there is a new shopping center that just opened up in Poipu on the south side. Kukuiula Village is a new shopping and dining center that gets a lot of visual influence from the rich cultural sugar plantation days. A beautiful and sophisticated shopping and dining experience, Kukuiula Village is a great place to walk around for the tourists and residents of Kauai.
Next, Bruce is touching on the gambling thing, which is currently illegal in Hawaii. What happens if they make it legal? There is a bill working its way through the local legislature on Oahu that would have a casino built on Hawaiian homelands. This would give native Hawaiians the same rights that Native Americans receive in the mainland, which is access to casinos. On the positive side it’s going to bring in revenue and would be great for the economy. But the downside is the terrible gambling problem that already exists in Hawaii (cock fights and dog fighting), and many are addicted to gambling as it stands already. Hawaii is such a wonderful family destination and gambling might turn it into a seedier vacation area if the law were to pass.
Hawaii still has the highest gas prices in the nation.  In other news 6.5 million visitors arrived in Hawaii via cruises and airfare last year, which was 4.5% over 2008. HTA says the total spending was $9.9 billion last year, which was a drop from last year, but interestingly enough the length of stay for the average traveler was 9.4 days, which is comparable to 2008.
Rounding this podcast off Bruce and Yaling detail a handful of Hawaii vacation packages that were booked within the past 24 or 48 hours. Listen to what the going rates are for ocean view rooms, convertibles and airfare! And get excited to book your next trip to the tropics with Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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