LOST Event Travel Tips

Welcome to another episode of The Hawaiian Vacation Connection, there is plenty to talk about today this Wednesday, January 27th 2010.

On this podcast, Bruce and Yaling devote the entire show to discussing the upcoming LOST event, plus offer some travel tips for people coming to Hawaii for the event Jan. 29th to Feb. 2nd. One of the best parts about people traveling to Oahu for the LOST event is the traditional lei greeting. Step off the plane and just look for ‘All About Hawaii’ or ‘BlueSky Tours’ and be whisked away to begin your exciting vacation. Just relax and look for the sign and lei greeter.

Also, let Bruce and Yaling know if you’re traveling with a partner, friend or family for the LOST event so they can make sure you sit together! This is an important detail because they want to ensure you are with your partner and group for this exciting event. Guests will also enjoy a brunch, multimedia presentation (this is going to be a big surprise for everyone!), a Tahitian Hawaiian show and then a wonderful buffet. This event is going to be a big deal and Bruce and Yaling are exciting to be part of it.

This extra long podcast is designed for anyone traveling to Hawaii for the LOST tour/event and hopefully will be shared with anyone who is part of this fun week. Bruce and Yaling are the hosts and ambassadors of Aloha and will do their absolute best to help guests any way they can. Don’t be afraid to ask them anything!