Check out what the Kaanapali Coast looks like from a catamaran perspective. One of Maui’s most famous stretches of sand, this cruise moseyed along the resort coast of Kaanapali to Honolua Bay. A chance to explore the underwater world of Maui, this Kaanapali Catamaran Cruise was a great way to enjoy a relaxing day at sea. Warm waters, bare feet and salty air are all great ways to get into the aloha vibe of the islands. Plus the friendly staff make your experience safe and entertaining.

See Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Bruce Fisher enjoy a dip in the warm waters of Maui, and experience the coast on this Kaanapali Catamaran Cruise video. Hawaii vacationers mix and mingle on board and enjoy refreshing beverages and pupus (appetizers) while relishing in the golden sunlight of the tropics. Maui’s west side is warm and clear, and a Kaanapali Catamaran Cruise is the ideal way to experience the land and sea.

If you’re interested in exploring Maui, please visit We are experts in Hawaii travel and eager to introduce you to the Islands in a local way. A Kaanapali Catamaran Cruise is just one of the many activities you can enjoy during your vacation in Maui, and we are the travel company to make it happen!