SCUBA Diving (transfer included)

Imagine exploring the remains of a shipwrecked boat, swimming alongside an endangered Hawaiian Green turtle, or immersing yourself in a school of manini (Hawaiian reef fish) as they curiously circle you underwater.  Scuba diving is an exciting yet safe experience for any level of diver.  With PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified master divers and friendly boat crew, you will experience adventure within another realm, the uncommonly toured underwater world.

At Hawaii Water Sports Center, you will receive thorough training on how to scuba, allowing you the opportunity to discover the wonder of Hawaii- beneath the surface.
The clear ocean water is teeming with marine life, so bring your underwater camera to catch all the action!  You may become friendly with a variety of fish, including Hawaii’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, a triggerfish which prefers to swim the coral reefs alone.  You might also see the colorful scales of an uhu (parrot fish) or a few of the 25 varieties of Surgeonfish.   

No two dive experiences are the same.  In these waters, turtles are a very common sighting, whereas Spotted Eagle manta rays and octopus are more unusual.  Along the ocean floor you can usually observe wana (sea urchin), Moray eels, and limestone striped rocky coral reef.

You’ll receive an intimate experience from the Aloha-spirited, friendly team members and also become familiar with your fellow divers.  After suiting up in wetsuits and tanks, you’ll be transported via the scuba shuttle to the dive boat, located just one mile off shore.  Here, the adventure begins in the Maunalua Bay off Oahu’s pristine south shore of Hawaii Kai.

Dates & Times
Approx. 4 Hours
Activity is offered daily at 9:00am.

Other Details
Transportation services are $12 per person roundtrip at designated hotels and locations.