Polynesian Cultural Center

Contrary to popular belief, the people of the Hawaiian island’s don’t sit underneath coconut trees playing ukulele all day or ride dolphins to school. Although it wouldn’t be too bad of a gig if we could! However, The Polynesian Cultural Center does offer a look into the lives of the indigenous people not only of Hawaii, but all of Polynesia.

The Polynesian Cultural Center offers six villages (Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Aotearoa, and Fiji) where guests can familiarize themselves with ancient traditions of each of these groups of Pacific Islanders. Surprisingly each village does this in a comical way, where at times I found myself on the verge of tears from laughing so much. My favorites were Tonga where they demonstrated the beating of the drums and playing of the nose flute and Samoa where they showed how they climbed to the tops of coconut trees then used coconuts for milk and fire.

If you are looking for the more hands on experience you can participate in the activities offered by the different villages such as spear throwing, fire knife dancing, coconut husking, or ukulele lessons. The center also offers two shows, “Rainbows of Paradise” which spotlights the native dances of each of the different Polynesian islanders, and "Hā: Breath of Life" the night show that tells the ancient story of a boy born in paradise.  And of course, the Polynesian Cultural Center wouldn’t be Polynesian without some type of feast. Indulge in an all you can eat buffet of authentic Hawaiian food with live music and entertainment that include Hula and of course the imu ceremony (roasting of the pig) at the Ali’I Luau.

This is an all day activity that will leave you with a stomach that is full from the delicious food and sore from laughing as well as a mind that is knowledgeable about the history of the indigenous peoples of the pacific and there traditions that they still carry with them today.

Know before you go:
The PCC opens about noon (except Sunday), so this activity would be a good way to start the day. You will want to arrive by then anyway, as demonstrations pause for the canoe pageant and most of the villages close at 5 pm for the luau and evening show. Since the PCC is a drive across the island from Waikiki hotels, it is a good idea to make this the only activity for the day.

Prices for admission to the PCC villages begin at about $50 (adult), $36 (child) — which does NOT include transportation or food — and increase as you add the various luau packages, buffet dinner or fine dining and/or the evening show. There are many different ticket options for those who wish to spend only part of an afternoon or evening. However, the combination of the ticket price and travel time makes a quick visit less appealing. My advice is that if you are going to make the trek out to the Northeast side to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, your best bet is to get the full experience with the Ambassador Package that involves the Admission, Luau, and Shows!

General Admission Ticket
If you don’t have time to spend the entire day then this quick adventure is the right choice for you. You can explore the entire complex including the island villages of Aotearoa New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Marquesas, Rapa Nui, Tonga and Tahiti. You can see the daily boat parade which has representations from each of the Polynesian islands in a beautiful setting in the center of the park. It also includes admission to the IMAX theater where currently "coral Reef Adventure" is being shown . If you find yourself enjoying the park so much that you decide to stay, that you can purchase tickets separately for either the luau or luau and show

Admission & Show
This is a great way to see the best that the Polynesian cultural Center has to offer at an affordable price. You get admission to the seven villages as well as seating at the evening show called the "Ha! Breath of Life".  You’re also welcome to enjoy a free buffet before the show if you have the appetite.

Alii Luau
At the Polynesian Cultural Center you can experience one of the most authentic luaus in all of Hawaii .Ali’i means royalty, and this is truly a Royal celebration. You’ll learn about the history of the Hawaiian people and what makes this feast so important. It  also includes preferred seating at the "HA, The Breath of Life" exclusive show. Note that this package excludes visitation to the villages and daytime show.

Ambassador Ali’i Luau
This package  bring your Luau experience up a notch. It includes admission to the seven villages, guided tour, long canoe pageant, tram tour of Laie, Shell lei greeting,  premium seating at the "Ha breath of life" night show, exclusive souvenirs and a backstage tour.

Super Ambassador VIP package
Quite simply, our finest, most personalized way to experience the best the Polynesian Cultural Center offers including a personal guide, VIP seating, a backstage tour and more.

This package is limited to only 32 guests per day so please check with us to make sure to check with us for availability. The package includes admission to the seven villages, reserved seating at Island demonstrations, special canoe tour, long canoe pageant, tram tour of La’ie would reserve seats, special shell lei, personal tour guide, fine dining entrées, backstage tour, Ha Breath of Life night show with VIP seating, Deelite desert and a souvenir DVD/program.

Dates & Times
Aporx. 8 hours
Open Monday through Saturday from 11:45am until 5:30pm.

Other Details
Tickets can be purchased with or without transportation services to and from designated Waikiki locations. $8 parking fee for personal vehicles. Plan to arrive early. Proper attire and footwear required at all times.