Photography Tour

Put those cameras to use and join us on one of our guided photography tours. Why waste precious time on your vacation searching the island for those amazing photo opportunities?

We have put together not only a one a kind photography tour but the only photography tour offered here on the island of O’ahu for camera enthusiast like yourself.

"I can’t believe that this is the only tour like this out here! I asked around in Waikiki if there was a photography tour on the island and I found the sunrise/sunset tour from O’ahu Photography Tours. I went on the sunrise tour and that’s just what we were looking for. I was able to capture some of the best photos I have ever taken, thank you O’ahu Photography Tours” -Brandon D. from Las Vegas, NV.

Traveling all the way out here from where it is you came from, you have to ask yourself; what do I really want to experience while I’m out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Of course there are endless options of activities to choose from on O’ahu, but none will show you this tropical island the way O’ahu Photography Tours can. We get you to places even local people don’t know about. Put that camera to use and start shooting!

We offer three main tours daily starting with of course, the Sunrise Tour (515-11am). This amazing tour starts off with a traffic free drive out to catch the sunrise. Before I go on I have to ask you, when was the last time you watched the sun break over the oceans horizon, lighting up the sky with is brilliance and mesmerizing colors? Never you say … well then I guess you found your tour. After the sunrise we go in search of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, barreling waves, majestic mountain peaks, and magical waterfalls. All the while you are capturing some of the most amazing photographs of your life!

If your not the early bird then you must be a night owl and that means the Sunset Tour (3-8pm) will capture your adventure side. As we search the island for cascading waterfalls, ancient ruins, reflective tide pools, and illuminated ridgelines, we near our main photographic opportunity, the ever-amazing sunset of the pacific. This is your chance to not only witness the elusive “green flash” but also capture it so you may have it forever to remind you of the beauty that is the Hawaiian islands. It’s breathtaking every time.

Also offered is our Complete Island Tour (5am-3pm). Starting with the sunrise, we take you further into this tropical island, which offers endless photogenic opportunities. Heading up the coast we photograph our way to the north shore where you have the chance capture world-class waves with world-class surfers. How jealous will the people be when you return from the epic adventure of O’ahu?

O’ahu Photography Tours is for everyone of all ages and of all photographical backgrounds. Whether you want to have someone who has done the extensive legwork finding all these epic photogenic locations or you wish to improve your skills as an outdoor photographer then this is just for you.