Oahu Parasailing

What a view from above!  This Oahu parasailing adventure will give you a perspective you’ve never had before, high above the ocean, surfers, and hotels, up to a maximum of 500 feet!  With round trip transportation, you’ll enjoy a narrated trip to and from the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, where you’ll hop onboard the powerboat and gear up for parasailing.  Take off and landings happen directly from the boat, and guests will have the option of a water touch down during their flight.  You’ll soar above the sights of Waikiki, with panoramic views of Diamond Head, mountain ranges, the cityscapes and more!

Choose from five different options for parasailing, which depend on the length of the line you’ll be tethered to, plus the duration of the sail.  Parasailers can go from anywhere between 150 feet up to 500 feet and chose a water touch down or a completely dry flight, it’s up to you!  There’s nothing like a dip in the warm waters of Hawaii to refresh and cool down, plus it adds a little bit more thrill to the activity.

– Tour operates 7 days a week
– All parasailing tours are from 8:00am until 5:00pm
– 1-hour tour
– Instruction and a guide are included in every package
– Not recommended for persons with heart, neck, back or joint problems.
– Pregnant women are not permitted to participate in this activity.
– All observers and participants must be at least 5 years old to be allowed on the boat.

Packages & Prices:
300 feet- $40/person (ages 5 & up), $25/person observer fee
This option gives you 300 feet of line, which will take up to approximately 150 feet above Waikiki’s waters.  Enjoy 5-7 minutes of flight with this option.

600 feet- $50/person (ages 5 & up), $25/person observer fee
You’ll reach up to 300 feet on this flight with 600 feet of line.  This activity is 8-10 minutes of fly time, plus the remaining hour on the boat in the Waikiki Ocean.

800 feet- $60/person (ages 5 & up), $25/person observer fee
An 8-10 minute flight, 800 feet of line will get you up to approximately 400 feet in the air.

1000 feet- $75/person (ages 5 & up), $25/person observer fee
For 10-12 minutes, riders will enjoy heights of up to 500 feet, a real bird’s eye view of the city!

1200 feet- $84.82/person (ages 5 & up), $24.95/person observer fee
Extending even higher than the maximum altitude, 1200 feet of line will get you up to 600 feet in the air!  This is a 10-12 minute flight of taking in the scenic views of Oahu.