Oahu Paragliding Experience

Experience Oahu’s spectacular scenery in the most unique way possible, by paragliding along the tops of mountain ridges, over beaches, and through the warm, tropical air. Paragliding is a combination of parasailing and hand gliding and has a lightweight foot-launched glider that allows hours of suspended sailing in the sky.

You will enjoy a one-hour tour with a USHPA (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) certified instructor, giving you peace of mind while high above the ground. But don’t worry, you and your personal instructor fly tandem in a two-person glider, safely harnessed and with your instructor in control at all times.

This thrilling experience will give you that feeling you’ve always dreamed of, flying high above the world and watching everything pass beneath you. With trained expertise, your instructor will use the controls to dictate direction and angles and, if you’re willing to try, you can learn to control the glider yourself! Once airborne, student and pilot can easily communicate to one another, making this a comfortable and calming experience.

You will soar above Oahu’s southeast tip, over the Koolau mountain range and above the lush areas of Makapuu and Waimanalo.  You will suspend directly overhead the stretches of beach on the east side and have a birds-eye-view of the tropical beauty.  Unlike anything else you’ve ever tried, paragliding will keep you buzzing during your entire vacation.  Gravity is nonexistent during this exciting adventure and you will feel as weightless as the wind that carries your parachute through the air.

Flights are conducted throughout the day from 9:00am until dusk, but are dependent upon the weather.  Your instructor will check the wind conditions prior to lift-off to ensure a smooth and ideal flight.  The lift-off and landing are both easy and composed, and touching back down to land will only make you want to soar high again.  You are encouraged to bring a camera, but proper arrangements must be made to make sure your equipment is safely strapped to you.  Gain the adventure of a lifetime with this paragliding experience and you will be hooked on flying for life!

Dates & Times

Approx. 5 hours
Activity is offered daily, with take off times ranging between 9:00am until dusk.
Transportation from Waikiki Hotels provided

Other Details

Bring walking shoes, no sandals allowed.
Long pants and long sleeves are required to fly.