Maui Surfing & SUP Lessons

No Hawaii vacation is complete without a surfing experience to brag about!  Learn the sport of the Hawaiian Kings and master the warm tropical waves of Maui.  We’ve got the perfect lessons for beginners all the way to advanced surfers, and you can choose from either a group lesson or a private one-on-one session with an instructor.  The most popular ocean sport in Hawaii, surfing is a fun, safe, and exhilarating activity for all ages, and your knowledgeable instructor will do their very best to get you comfortable on the waves.  Once you ride your first wave, you’ll see why this sport has become so popular, and we’re sure you’ll be hooked like the rest of us!  After your lesson you are free to continue using the boards until you’re spent on surfing!  Just please return them to the Action Sports Maui office when you’re done.


– Lessons operate 6 days a week (not on Sundays)
– Lesson times are at 8:00am, 10:00am, and 12:00pm
– Check-in time is 15 minutes prior to lesson time
– Each lesson lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours
– Check-in at the Surf Club Maui Shop (22 Alahele Street Kihei, HI 96753) across the street from Kalama Beach Park
– Please bring bottled water
– Please wear your swimsuit to the activity

Beginner Group Lesson- $69.00/person
Ideal for any novice surfer, this beginner group lesson will teach the basics for catching waves.  With a 3:1 student-instructor ratio, you’ll get the attention you need to be sure you’re surfing like a natural in no time.  Plus, you can have fun during the activity with all your friends or your family members!  Students will learn on soft-top longboards in a “small classroom” style environment, and all equipment is provided.  Just make sure to wear sunscreen and get ready for some incredible rides out here in Maui!

Beginner Private Lesson- $120.00/person
If you have no experience surfing, or simply want to hone your skills quicker, then this beginner private lesson is perfect for you.  It provides the attention, guidance, and encouragement you’ll need to get you up and riding during your Maui vacation.  And with an ACM certified instructor, you’re safety and satisfaction is in their hands, guaranteeing you’ll catch a wave before the day is done.  This learning environment is ideal for those who have little or no surfing experience, or for someone who wants pointed direction and guidance on surfing, so as to accelerate the learning process.

Intermediate Group Lesson- $89.00/person
With this intermediate group lesson, you’ll learn how to catch more waves and how to advance your surfing skills.  Your knowledgeable instructor will be able to see your ability and give you direction and guidance on exactly how to bring you to the next level.  If you’ve had a lesson or two before, or if you’ve been surfing for a while but aren’t getting any better, then this lesson will help move your ability along quickly.  This lesson covers the basics, plus surfing down the line, trimming, and turning.

Advanced Private Lesson- $156.00/person
Are you looking to perfect your technique in the water?  Have you been surfing for a while and ready for the next step?  This advanced private lesson gives students special attention on their style, performance, and strategy for surfing.  If you came to Maui to surf, then this lesson is ideal for you!  Your instructor will teach you about the waves, how to read them, and how to advance your surfing abilities so you’re in the line-up and considered a contender.  Your board, leash, booties, and a rash guard are all included in the lesson price, but if you’ve built up your own cache of surfing accessories, feel free to bring them along as well!

Stand-up Paddle Lesson- Starting at $99.00/person
Come try out Hawaii’s newest ocean sport sensation- stand up paddling!  More commonly known as SUPing, this activity is great for a variety of reasons; it’s a great work-out/exercise, it’s a great way to be in the sun and on the water, it’s easy for everyone, and it’s a fun activity while vacationing in Hawaii!  With these Maui SUP lessons, you’ll experience a traditional sport that was originally coined by the Hawaiians, in an ancient form of surfing.  Choose from a group lesson SUP session, semi-private lesson, or a private lesson and get onboard with the newest craze in Hawaiian sporting activities!


– Lessons operates 6 days a week (not on Sundays)
– Lesson times begin at 8:00am, 10:00am, and 12:00pm
– Lessons last approximately 1.5 hours
– Check-in time is 15 minutes prior to lesson time
– Check-in at the Surf Club Maui Shop (22 Alahele Street Kihei, HI 96753) across the street from Kalama Beach Park
– Included in lesson: Instruction / Surf Bootie / Instructor / Surfboard Leash / Soft-Top Boards / Class Fee / Rash Guards
– Please bring bottled water
– Please wear your swimsuit to the activity

Group Lesson- $99.00/person
Learn to SUP with a group of friends or the family!  This lesson is ideal for beginners, and doesn’t take much instruction for you to be standing up and paddling around the warm waters on your own.  This fun and exciting activity will be a great tour to partake in during your Maui vacation, and the calm waters of west Maui are ideal for SUPing around.  Your equipment is all included in the lesson, plus instruction and even surf booties!

Semi-Private Lesson- $115.00/person
If you’re looking for a more personal experience, then book this semi-private SUP lesson!  Your instructor will offer more detailed instruction and guidance, and you’ll learn in a “small classroom” style environment.  Book with your friends or family and enjoy a more private activity lesson with a knowledgeable instructor.  This lesson is perfect for the beginner SUPer to the intermediate student who wants a little more practice in the water.  Give this fun sport a try and soak in some sunrays while you’re at it!

Private Lesson- $139.00/person
Do you want one-on-one time with your SUP instructor?  Are you looking to boost your SUPing skills to the next level?  Then book this private lesson and gain a personal experience SUPing the waters of Maui with a knowledgeable instructor.  You’ll receive professional guidance that is sure to have you comfortably SUPing and eager for your next session out in the water!