Guided Hiking Tour

 From trails leading to secluded waterfalls to the towering view of Kauai’s sleeping giant, this tour company will select the perfect hiking adventure that is just right for you.  With six different rural paths to choose from, you can customize your journey depending on which side of the island you would most like to explore.  Or design it based on group members’ physical activity strengths or specific landmarks you’d like to venture to. 

Whichever hike you choose, you will be amazed with Kauai’s natural beauty and the good times you’ll experience on this guided hiking tour.  All hikes include a personal guide, transportation services, daypacks, rain gear, picnic lunches, and fruit juices and/or bottled water.  This is a unique, customized adventure that will take you to some of Kauai’s most stunning sights, so pick a specific hike or let Kayak Kauai’s team design one for you.   

Limahuli Valley and Gardens- $84/person

This easy, 2-4 hour hike will take you through the north shore’s lush valleys and the Pacific Botanical Tropical Garden of Lawai.  Well within any persons’ physical abilities, the views on this stroll are beautifully landscaped and maintained, with resting benches strategically located for maximum viewing of the scenery.  You will pass through Hawaiian taro patches (loi), wander up the emerald valley, and learn about the botany that is identifiable during this hike.

Na Pali: Hanakapi’ai Beach- $126/person

Known as one of Kauai’s most sought after hikes, this trail begins at the very end of the highway on Kauai’s north shore at Ke’e beach.  Moderate to strenuous, this hike ventures up mountainsides, allowing you spectacular views of the northwest coastline.  Coursing through coco palms, ferns, and other exotic native flora and fauna, after a half-hour of hiking you will come to the first of many ocean vistas.  A 3-6 hour roundtrip journey, this hike ends at Hanakapi’ai Beach, where you can dip your toes in the warm Pacific, sunbathe on the beach, or explore the cave and other sights.

Na Pali: Hanakapi’ai Beach and Falls- $168/person

This trail is similar to the Hanakapi’ai Beach hike, coursing along the Na Pali coast to the beach, but then continues on for another couple of miles to the spectacular Hanakapi’ai Falls.  Topping nearly 1600 feet, this waterfall dumps into a large swimming pool where hikers find their refreshing reward.  Offering up many other natural water holes for a quick dip, this hike is strenuous, but worth every minute of the journey.

Sleeping Giant- $81/person

On the Eastside of Kauai lies what is known as the Sleeping Giant.  Named for its looming silhouette resembling a slumbering ogre, this moderate hike takes you up and along the Nounou Mountain.  This trail begins in a grove of Cook Island Pine Trees and continues up a shady path along mountain ridges, culminating with panoramic views of the hinterland of Wailua homestead and the famous, wettest spot on earth, Mt. Waialeale.

Koke’e:  Waipo’o Falls- $126/person

Of all the hikes, this is known to be one of the easiest, but with the greatest end result.  Here you will be amazed at the colorful views of Waimea Canyon, lovingly referred to as Hawaii’s Grand Canyon.  Due to the earth’s richness in iron content, the dirt is an unusual deep shade of red, contrasting greatly with the many shades of green shrubbery.  This hike takes you to a waterfall and natural pool, framed in by fragrant ginger and verdant foliage.  A 3-5 hour roundtrip journey, this hike explores the west side of Kauai and the Koke’e national park.

Koke’e:  Nu’alolo/Awa’awapuhi Trail- $231/person

Rated by Kayak Kauai’s hiking crew as top #2 hike on Kauai, this 6-8 hour hike takes you through the Koke’e lodge, visitor shop, and museum and along the 11-mile loop of the Awa’awapuhi Trail.  During this hike, your tour guide will point out native birds and plants, exotic flora and fauna, and the Na Pali coastline.  A moderate to strenuous hike, you will enjoy lunch midway through the trail at the rustic picnic benches of Awa’awapuhi and once you reach your destination point, you will have to agree that theses views rival some of Hawaii’s most spectacular.

Dates & Times
Tours are offered 7 days a week.
Times are customizable.

Other Details
Transportation services are available.
Lunch, fruit juices, and bottled water are provided on tour.
Daypacks and rain gear are provided.
Bring sun protection, hiking clothes (i.e. shorts, light jacket), trail food/snacks, bathing suit, hiking shoes, towel, and change of clothes.