Big Island Snorkeling Adventure

Big Island Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling in Hawaii is one of the most popular activities in the islands, it’s safe, adventurous and lots of fun. The big Island snorkeling adventure has three tours for you to choose from. All of them are located on the Kona side of the island at Kealakekua Bay. This is one of the most unique spots in Hawaii for both experienced and beginning snorkelers. You’ll swim amongst native Hawaiian fish species in this Marine sanctuary.

All the adventures include snorkeling equipment and train staff is available to assist those with special needs. We have some state-of-the-art flotation devices that allow even the most novice snorkeler feel comfortable above the water.

Expedition South Kona (5 hours)
This is a five-hour expedition which includes snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay,Honaunau Bay plus an additional third bonus site which is announced the day you depart. You’ll have the opportunity to explore sea caves, lava tubes, dolphins and whales when in season. Ill also be treated to a delicious deli lunch juice water and tropical snacks. Snorkeling gear is included.

Check-in: 8AM departs 8:15 AM
Return: 1:15 PM
Adults 94.00
Kids ( 5-12) 74.00

Deluxe Morning Adventure (4 hours)

This four hour adventure is designed for early birds who want to get out early and enjoy snorkeling at its best. You’ll snorkel Kealakekua and Honaunau Bay. Snorkeling here is some of the best in the state and you’ll be amazed and in awe at the beauty beneath the sea. This refuge is a historical site and isn’t ministered by the National Park Service. The excursion includes snacks juice and water and all gear.

Check-in: 7:45 AM departs 8:00 AM
Return: 1:15 PM
Adults 77.00
Kids ( 5-12) 60.00

Captain Cooke Express (3 hours)

If you’re limited on time and just want to experience these natural wonders in a few hours this excursion is for you. You left me a time to enjoy both days and even explore sea caves and lava tubes. You’ll even have the opportunity to dolphins in their natural habitat and whales during the season. If you’ve never snorkel before this is a perfect adventure. Trained staff will be on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Check-in: 12:30 PM departs 12:45
Return: 3:45 PM
Adults 72.00
Kids ( 5-12) 62.00