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As someone who lives on Oahu, I’ll tell you a little secret. When I want to get away from it all, I go to Turtle Bay Resort. My husband and I have celebrated our anniversary here a few times, and when we want to feel like we’re on vacation for just a day, we head up to Turtle Bay, get some coffee, lay on the beach, and have dinner before driving home.

So today, I thought I would tell you all about the different dining options at Turtle Bay Resort. If you stay at Turtle Bay, chances are you will go to most of these restaurants at some point. Here’s how to decide where to go and when!

Roy’s Beach House

Relatively new to Turtle Bay, Roy’s Beach House is the first place I recommend for a couple of reasons. The views of Kuilima Cove are incredible. As you eat your meal, you get to look out at gorgeous Turtle Bay.

Second, the food is incredible. While many of the dining options around the pool and beach are casual, Roy’s Beach House is a casual yet upscale alternative. This restaurant boasts Hawaii-inspired Europ-Asian cusine, with fresh local ingredients from farmers, fishermen and ranchers of Hawaii. I love their poke!

When visiting Roy’s Beach House, keep in mind that reservations are essential. Also, make sure you know their hours. Lunch is from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. From 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm, only their Bar Bites Service is available. Dinner is from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm.

Pro Tip: Visit Roy’s Take-Out Counter. From 11:00 am-4:30 pm for a delicious meal that you can eat on the beach. Offerings include burgers, poke, fries, chicken wings, and more. My husband and I have been known to drive up to Turtle Bay just to lay on the beach and eat from the take out counter.

North Shore Kula Grill

This restaurant will always have a special place in my heart because it’s a great, quiet place for a romantic evening. My husband and I have celebrated birthdays here and have even taken our families for a nice meal out.

North Shore Kula Grill places a great importance on farm-to-table for every ingredient on the menu. Their produce, seafood, meats, and poultry are all sourced locally. Because of this, the menu changes constantly, but whenever you go, you are sure to find something to love!

Breakfast is served here, too.

If you are looking for a casual but nice evening out, I highly recommend North Shore Kula Grill. The food is delicious. Plus, it’s usually very quiet and way less crowded than the other restaurants at Turtle Bay.

Pro Tip: Ask for a table outside so you can watch the sunset!

The Point

If your idea of a perfect Hawaiian vacation involved lounging by the pool, you might have most of your meals at The Point.  From here, you get to see the beautiful sunsets and you might even see e, you will experience one of the most dramatic sunsets in all of Hawai‘i while surfers flock to catch some waves in the day’s final rays.

Cocktails are served from 10 am -10 pm, and you can get food from 11 am – 7 pm. If you are sitting at the pool, you can order food from The Point and have it brought to your lounge chair. Now that’s my idea of a vacation in paradise!


Pa’akai means “sea salt” in the Hawaiian language.This name reflects Hawaii’s numerous seaside salt beds and the restaurant’s sea-to-table cuisine. The restaurant features an a la carte menu as well as a 5-course wine pairing dinner.

More formal – and more expensive – than the other restaurants at Turtle Bay, Pa’akai is an excellent option if you want an elegant evening out. Reservations are essential and you will want to get dressed up. Despite the formal amiance, a keiki (childrne’s) menu is avaialbe

After dinner, head to the bar for some after-dinner cocktails. Trust me, their dessert cocktails like the espresso martini and chocolate truffle are not to be missed and are the perfect way to end an elegant evening.

Lobby Lounge

For a good cup of coffee that you can sip on the beach, head here. The Lobby Lounge also serves food. We’ve eaten here a couple of times, and the floor-to-ceiling windows offer gorgeous views of Kuilima Cove. I see a lot of people wokring on their laptops while eating here, too. I would probably recommend the other restaurants over the Lobby Lounge just because the ambiance isn’t the best. You are literally sitting in the lobby. But, it can be a good option if you don’t want a formal sit-down meal.

Surfer, The Bar

Surfer, The Bar is a partnership between Turtle Bay and Surfer magazine. Known for its laid back vibe, live music, and other events, this is a great place to hang out with a drink. Here, you’ll find a pupu menu, beer, wine, tropical drinks, and even bottle service. Note their limited hours: Wednesday-Saturday from 7 pm – 2  am. During those days, Surfers is your best bet for nightlift at Turtle Bay – and on the north shore, really.

Lei Lei’s

If you come to Turtle Bay to golf, as many people do, you will probably spend a lot of time at Lei Lei’s!

With stunning views of the golf course and excellent food, Lei Lei’s served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find that Lei Lei’s specialized in seafood but serves a range of everything. If you want to come here for dinner, reservations are recommended. They are open daily from 7 a.m.- 10 p.m.

My advice is to save Lei Lei’s for your golfing day. Because it is not located right in the hotel, you might want to go to the other restaurants first. Lei Lei’s is a bit further from the main hotel rooms than the other restaurants.

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