Will it Rain at the Punahou Carnival?

Faigreous at the Punahou Carnival
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Every year, people get excited for the Punahou Carnival. The event raises money for the private schoolʻs financial aid program, but the real hype is about those melt-in-your-mouth malasadas, fried noodles and, well, let’s just say people really look forward to the food.


But the real question is – not whether there will be enough food or whether the kids will have fun on the rides – but if it will rain! For some reason, the first weekend in February seems to be very popular with those Hawaiian tradewind showers. It’s like they mark their calendars to pay us a visit on that weekend, specifically a visit to the Mānoa side of Oahu. I would say out of the 10 or so carnivals I have been to while growing up here, it has rained more than half those times.

And we all know that carnivals and rain do not make a good combo; in fact, they make mud. Lots and lots of mud, everywhere – on the sidewalks, on the carousel ponies and on your favorite pair of flats. That doesn’t mean you should not go to the carnival, though. It just means, come prepared. Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty/muddy, bring an umbrella and maybe an extra pair of clothes for the little ones.

I must admit, though, that it breaks my heart when it rains during the carnival weekend. Many do not realize that the school spends months setting up and preparing for the big day in February. Parents, students, teachers and alumni put countless hours into making the Punahou Carnival a success. I know this because I drive by there everyday. When it rains, it’s almost like all of their hard work goes to waste.

Luckily, Hawaii people are used to those rainy days. We see it as a blessing, and as the popular saying goes, “Without rain, there can be no rainbows!” Metaphorically speaking, the rainbows come in the form of laughter and smiles, full bellies and adrenaline highs. There are many positive that come out of the carnival weekend, including the nice contribution to Punahou’s financial aid fund.

Photo Courtesy: Punahou Carnival 2014 Facebook Fanpage