What’s Up with Golfer Michelle Wie (And That Hair)?

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Move over Miley Cyrus’ new pixie cut. It’s all about these platinum blonde locks that’s got the gossip going. They’re talking about Hawaii golfer Michelle Wie, of course! She made the drastic switch from black to blonde for a 2012 LPGA Safeway Classic debut, to which she responded in an LPGA Q&A, “I get crazy with my hair sometimes.”..OK, you’re probably wondering why the heck we’re posting such nonsense, right? And the truth is, I find myself asking the same thing when watching silly stuff like this on the news. This story definitely has that “infotainment” aspect everyone loves, but it also got me wondering about our young and hopeful golfer from Hawaii. What ever became of her and her career?

A Twit Pic by @TheMichelleWie of her red hair color last year; now it’s blonde.

Sadly, not much as far as the golf career goes. Michelle Wie did, however, just graduate from Stanford University with a major in communications. That’s some positive news. And let’s not forget her Hawaii connection as an alumna of Punahou School, the same school President Barack Obama attended. she was that prodigy golfer in high school known for her effortless swing and could possibly influence the golf scene as much as Tiger Woods did. If not, more.

But unfortunately, all she has changed since then was…her hair color. Going from what I think looks like li hing mui red to neon-pink streaks, the now 22-year-old hasn’t really been in the media spotlight for much else; other than her mediocre track record in golf with flashes of her prodigious excellence here and there. Some, like my uncles, might say she has been playing the worst golf of her professional career, missing the last three LPGA cuts. This year wasn’t looking so hot either since she was eliminated in the first round of the Sybase Match Play Championships by a player ranked 84th in the world. Michelle Wee, a.k.a. “Wiesy,” is currently ranked 31st. She did, however, get her best finish of the year at the LPGA Safeway Classic, finishing 8 and under and earning a nice chunk of change – $40,000 to be exact. Now there’s some good news!

But still it’s a little disappointing for her Hawaii fans who have rooted for her from the start. Perhaps the college life had taken its toll on her game or perhaps she just hasn’t found her groove on the pro golf scene. Or how about we just blame it on her six-foot-tall, model-esque figure? It’s difficult to stay focused on the game when men are chasing after her, so she’s not totally to blame. But when her newest hair color makes headlines more than her game does, then you know she’s not really taking her professional career seriously. Unknowingly, she may just be sending a message to her fans that blondes really do have more fun! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being young and carefree, but at least make more of an effort to seem like you care about golf and less about Justin Bieber (another recent Twit Pic).

According to ESPN, Michelle plans to move permanently to Jupiter, Fla., where she will be able to focus 100-percent on golfing. It’s something she hasn’t been able to do since starting her college and professional golfing career. Let’s hope this move helps her game and that hair!


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