What To Wear On Flights to Hawaii

dave poore
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When preparing for a six to eight hour flight to Hawaii, travelers tend to worry more about how they’ll pass the time than how they’ll stay comfortable. Tablets, books and music get tossed into carry-ons, but what should you bring to combat the chilly airplane temperature – and eventually the warm island weather?

This extreme difference in climate is probably what makes preparing for long flights so tricky. First, you’re too cold; then, you’re too hot. Definitely not a good way to kick off your dream vacation to Hawaii. Plus, there’s an increased chance of getting sick when you’re body goes through drastic temperature changes.

First and foremost, bring a jacket or sweater! It’s usually a given, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget that article of clothing. You might accidentally leave it on the coat rack back home or forget to take it out of your suitcase before checking it in.

Secondly, wear clothing that can easily be peeled off once you land in Hawaii, such as socks or extra layers of clothing. Those articles can be small enough to roll up and stuff into your carry-on afterwards. Slip-on shoes might be a viable option as well, especially when going through airport security.

To save time, start peeling off those layers and rolling up your long sleeves or pants as soon as you being your descent into the islands. I guarantee you it will be a stress-free way to start your Hawaii vacation!


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