Waikiki Shoreline Hotel Grand Opening

The lobby at the Waikiki Shoreline
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Aloha! Today we’re here at the opening of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, the newly renovated boutique hotel located right in the hub of Hawaii. Just one block away from Oahu’s most popular beach, we’re showing you some of the highlights of this beautiful property.

Beginning last November, this multi million-dollar renovation boasts 10 new guest rooms, new management, plus a rebrand. San Francisco based Joie de Vivre Hotels now manages the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, adding to its notoriety as the second largest operator of boutique hotels in the country.

Previously owned by United Airlines and known as Seaside Hotel in Waikiki, the property was sold in March 2012 to an unnamed buyer from Los Angeles. Now open for business, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has just joined the Hawaii hotel market.

Renovations to the interior were inspired by 1970s architecture, with bold shapes accenting the interior. Local flora and fauna has also been planted throughout the property, giving the boutique hotel a decidedly tropical feel set in the 70s. It was designed by California-based Anthony Laurino, who has worked on other Joie de Vivre Hotels and is an expert at rebrands.

General manager of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki and Coconut Waikiki Hotel, Alvida Surpia-Jones says that the previous owners used the hotel’s top floors (with the best views) for office space. Wanting to make sure this was put back into inventory, this top floor was transitioned into eight brand new guest rooms. Two additional guest rooms were added to the floor below. Check out these views!

Alvida mentions she knows Joie de Vivre has been looking to expand and grow outside of its San Francisco roots. “Joie de Vivre Hotels is definitely growing in different states other than California, so I can see that happening in Hawaii, as well.” While the management company may look into other Hawaii properties for the future, right now they’re focusing on simply the opening of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. And what a spot!

This hotel is sure to be a hit in Hawaii. With the right price and great deals, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki is a top-notch boutique hotel that is the perfect getaway during your Hawaiian vacation.


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