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Do you tip in Hawaii? It may seem like a silly question, since giving money for good service is common in the United States. However it is not the custom in some places relatively near Hawaii, such as Australia. To clear up any confusion, Hawaii Aloha Travel agent Jessie has written this basic guide to tipping while on vacation in Hawaii.

“Tipping while traveling is such a chore. Most people are unsure when to tip and for how much. Below is a basic guide to help prepare you for your travels in Hawaii.

Restaurants (for foreign visitors): 15% of the total bill is typically expected. More or less depending on the service. It is not recommended to tip less than 10%.

Baggage: Whether it be the skycap at the airport, shuttle transportation, or even a bellboy. I usually tip about $1-2 dollars a bag. More for the bellboy since he has to carry everything. (Especially if it is heavy)

Valet: Many hotels in Waikiki or the resorts on the outer islands have valet parking. The hotel will most likely charge you a daily fee for use of the valet, but you should tip anyways. Typically $2-3 dollars is sufficient.

Concierge: If you are lucky enough to have a concierge at your hotel USE THEM. They are full of useful information and will try and cater to your every need. Once again, $3-5 shows your appreciation, plus they will remember you when you come back for more assistance.

Tours: Many tours included in All inclusive Hawaii vacations will either provide you with a tour guide or someone to entertain you on the drive. I usually recommend people be more generous and tip about $5 for each person in your group.

You should always only tip what you feel comfortable with. The service will not always be good, sometimes it will be great; feel free to tip extra. Or, in cases where the service is terrible, don’t bother tipping at all.” — Jessie

I especially want to emphasize that tipping is always appreciated, even if you are part of a pre-paid package or other tour. I always leave a tip for the housekeeping staff of Hawaii hotels, in part because that was one of my first jobs and I remember how happy it made me.

Keep some cash in your pocket to reward people who make your Hawaii vacation extra-special.


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