The Ultimate Sports Wedding at Aloha Stadium

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Would you consider tying the knot at the Aloha Stadium?

Most people associate the Oahu athletic complex with football, swap meets and concerts. It’s also the home of the University of Hawaii football team and Pro Bowl. But weddings? That’s probably the last thing to come to mind. Until now, that is. The staff opened it up to couples celebrating the big day, hoping it’ll become a top destination for Hawaiian weddings.

“We’ve had couples inquiring about proposals and wedding photos in the past, so we thought, why not look further into giving that ultimate sports fan a wedding of their dreams,” says marketing specialist Samantha Spain.

Although this is totally different from a wedding on the beach or at a tropical location, it’s very likely that it could become the next desired spot for tying the knot in Hawaii. It’s not only unique, but it’s also cheap. For a base fee of $750, couples could technically have up to 50,000 guests. That’s a darn good deal, especially for those with lots of extended family members. And if the family loves sports, then even better. Getting married at the 50-yard line would be a hoot!

Couples could even have their reception there if they wanted. The stadium offers in-house catering and beverage services for weddings. Not sure what exactly is on the menu, but if it is a matter of convenience, then why not also include food in the wedding package? Plus, if you plan on having a lot of guests, then at least the stadium has the resources and kitchen space to feed so many mouths.

“We’re seeing smaller events coming back to the stadium, so our focus is to make sure every event is our top priority and provide all of our guests with a lasting memory,” says Spain.

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