Traveling During ‘Mayan Doomsday’

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I’ll be flying to Colorado when the world supposedly comes to an end this Friday. We made our tickets months ago and of course, never gave a second thought to the Dec. 21 departure date. I still haven’t really put too much thought into it – like those on social media who’ve been hyping up calamitous end-of-day scenarios. I’m just packing and prepping as I would for any trip.

Snow jacket, check.

But with all this doomsday brouhaha, I will admit that a certain wave of weariness has crossed my mind. Not so much a weariness of those mystical rumors floating around but rather, a weariness of any senseless stunts that doomsdayers might pull – particularly in an airport. Yes, it’s one of the most secured places you’ll encounter, but that still hasn’t stopped travelers from smuggling guns and rare nocturnal primates (New Delhi airport in Sept. 2012) into airports.

It may seem like I’m just contributing to the hype itself, but with the wealth of apocalyptic fears and walking dead zombies that 2012 has put forth for us, who could blame me? I’m just a small fraction of that hype! Fox News is among many other mediums that offered a survival guide to the end of the Mayan calendar. A Kickkerland Survival Tool? A BoostTurbine2000? Although, I do suppose I could use the Turbine2000 to power my phone from the friendly skies, while we let everyone back home know what we can see heading their way.


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