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“Aloha and Welcome to the Old Lahaina Luau! We have a great night in store for you tonight! There are tons of activities for you all to do tonight. We hope you enjoy the show!”

When thinking of Lahaina Maui you may be asking yourself, “Where is a great Luau to go to and what is in store for me?” I have the answer for you, The Old Lahaina Luau on Front Street in the Historical Lahaina Town. This is how you pronounce the word Luau (Lu/Loo Ow/Au)

Before you even get to your reserved seating you will get a traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting like you did when you flew into the islands. The greeters will show you to your seating area. You will then be able to get up and get yourself a tropical drink from the drink stand. For the Keiki there are non liquor tropical drinks available for them also so they won’t feel left out.

Luaus are a Hawaiian Festival on the people gathering to have meals and celebrate on a great harvest or after glorious battle in the old Polynesian Hawaii before Captain James Cooke even spotted the Hawaiian Islands.

The ancient Hawaiians would prepare kalo/taro (Kah/Cah Low/Lo) (Tare Row) to be mashed into the popular staple known as poi. They would also wrap fish, meats, boiled taro leaves, and ti (tea) leaves to make Lau Lau (Lao Lao). Hungry yet? These are among the foods you will be eating once you get settled in your seating areas and your table gets called.

A Typical Menu looks like this for that Luau:
[Sample Menu]
-Kalua Pork (Shredded Pork)
-Poi (Mashed/Pounded Taro roots)
-Lau lau (wrapped fish/meats pouch)
-Haupia (How Pee Ahh a coconut milk pudding)
-Poke (Poke Eyy Seasoned Fish Salad)

Soda, Water, Iced Tea, Juice, and Bar Service

You probably have seen the Old Lahaina Luau Hula Dancers in the yearly annual Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. That is just a very small margin of the show you can see at the Old Lahaina Luau. A little known fact is the luau dancers always changes their routine yearly for this wonderful parade. They bring the True Aloha Spirit from the Aloha State to the many parade spectators and people watching the parade on the television.

You will see a vast array of traditional Hawaiian Hula dances, chants, and fire knife dances. The don’t just go with the Hawaiian Traditions you will also see a ton of dances and acts all across the South Pacific Islands. The dancers may even pull you up on stage for participate in the participation part of the show. I always love this part of the Luau cause you then become part of the show. The dancers will teach you basic hula, basic chanting, and basic singing during the show.

The Luau is most popular to visitors and locals a like. Even the celebrities you see on the big screen or on your favourite television show might be sitting right next to you during the show. From my experience I was sitting 2 seats away from music sensation Tina Turner (2002), 2 tables away from Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Natalie Portman, Charlie Sheen, and Leslie Nielson (2003) and 3 tables away from Angelina Jolie, Samuel L Jackson, and Martin Sheen (2007). Even the celebrities want in on the Old Lahaina Luau celebrations. You may never know who you may see at the Luau.

Sit back, enjoy the Hawaiian Luau, and have fun! You can always ask us here at Hawaii Aloha Travel on this luau and others on Maui. I hope you enjoy that show. Alooooha!