The Colors of Diamond Head

Diamond head
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You can always gauge Oahu’s rainfall by the color of Diamond Head. During the rainy winter months, the crater gleams all shades of green. But once summer hits, it’s back to brown.

My dad first pointed this out to me as a kid. We would dawn patrol our favorite surf spot near Diamond Head, and as the sun streeeetched over the crater, Dad would say something like, “Oh, looks like it’s been pretty dry in town. Diamond Head’s brown as brown can be.” I used to love those early morning sessions, though, especially when those golden rays revealed an emerald green Diamond Head.

It’s simple stuff like this that I love the most. We’re constantly reminded of nature’s power, in even the most subtlest of ways. Just like the leaves that change with each season; Diamond Head changes its colors, too – from green to brown and back.

You can see the historic Oahu landmark from almost anywhere on the south shore of Oahu. Whether from Kakaako Waterfront Park or out on a sunset cruise, the view is always amazing.


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