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Are you planning a surf trip to Hawaii?

If so, you might want to check out a new shop in Honolulu that rents out quality shortboards, as opposed to the soft-top longboards you’ll most likely find at beach stands. Surfers know that there are huge differences between being a “shortboarder” and a “longboarder” – one of them includes the board of choice. Most surfboard rentals in Hawaii only offer longboards, so it’s refreshing that STABL adds a bit of variety to the rental market.

STABL is located near most surf spots on Oahu’s southern shore and brands itself as a “Surfboard Test Area.” By that, customers may choose from a quiver of “test boards” – shaped by only the best of the best. These high-quality short boards include Firewires and boards shaped by legendary shapers Wade Tokoro and Al Merrick. The surfing community not only loves STABL for its excellent wave-riding vehicles but for the super-cool staff that shows customers what surfing in Hawaii is all about.

Considering the one-way airline fee to bring a board from the mainland (as much as $100-plus per way), the $20 you’ll spend on a STABL test board might be worth looking in to. Another reason is that, it’s oftentimes difficult to predict whether there’ll be a swell at your surf destination, particularly when you’re booking the trip months in advance. This means, that if the surf sucks, you’ll be stuck with boards and an (unnecessary) airline fee to front. STABL is a great way to cut down on costs when traveling. Just don’t ding or damage the boards in anyway. Like most stores, STABL goes by the “you break it; you pay for it” policy. Buy a board within two weeks and you’ll get reimbursed the $20 for a 24-hour rental or $15 for a same-day return. Might make for a nice Hawaiian souvenir?

Still a fairly new operation, STABL serves as an extension of popular surf brand Local Motion. I’m guessing the name comes from a reference to horse stables. But in this case, it’s a surfboard stable that houses test boards for customers to shred Hawaiian waters.

STABL • Rent short boards for $20 for 24 hours; $15 for same day return • 870 Kawaiahao St., Honolulu, HI 96813 • Opens Wed-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun noon-6pm, Mon-Tues CLOSED • 808-254-7873


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