Talk Like A Pirate in Hawaii

A pirate ship on the coast of Hawaii
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September 21 may not seem like any day special, but in the world of pirates, it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. You can bet that Hawaii celebrates, too, especially with a new pirate ship cruise available to swashbucklers and scallywags, alike.

The Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures sails along the south shore of Oahu, from Kewalo Basin to Diamond Head and back. For Talk Like A Pirate Day, it hosts a special sunset cruise, in which a portion of the proceeds goes to the Wild Dolphin Foundation.

While on the cruise, you can be sure to meet other pirates and mermaids. There’ll be entertainment and food on board. Just make sure to show up in your best pirate attire and to babble like a buccaneer.

In fact, pirates across the globe will be babbling like buccaneers. Millions of them, on all seven continents and on the International Space Station, too. Definitely a silly good time ahead for ye all.

Arrr ye ready?


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