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Do you think you could scarf down not one but THREE 14-inch pancakes with a 90-minute time limit…by YOURSELF?

That’s the question Waikiki eatery Mac 24/7 asks its customers, calling it the “Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge.” Let’s not forget to mention that the gigantically fluffy flapjacks have an extravagant topping of choice – either blueberry, walnuts and chocolate chunks; pineapple, coconut and macadamia nuts; or cinnamon streusel with vanilla glaze. The pancake champions get their photos posted throughout the restaurant walls as part of the Hall of Fame.

The current champion, as of January 7, 2012, is the 42nd “Mac Daddy,” according to its website. This man wolfed down the hotcakes in 53 minutes. But that’s not the fastest by any means. The fastest “Mac Daddy” did it in 15 minutes (5 minutes per pancake!), with the next best time accomplished by a lady. That’s right! She did it in 24 minutes. For moral support, some have tried their luck alongside a group of friends. This doesn’t mean they get help eating the cakes. Instead, each person must face the challenge inpidually but at the same time.

What do these champions get? Free pancakes, an official shirt, a photo on the Wall of Fame…and, a really sore tummy? The challenge has gotten worldwide attention when the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food host Adam Richman flew to the islands from some Hawaiian hotcakes. However, the blueberry-topped stack proved to be too much for Adam, who ended up with about a pound of pancakes remaining.

Mac 24/7, as the name implies, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meaning, they not only serve breakfast foods but also lunch, dinner and cocktails. Mac 24/7 has a fully-equipped bar and a Lobby Bar. The Lobby Bar is a sophisticated lounge located adjacent to the main dining area and offers appetizers and exotic cocktail blends. I go for the pancakes, though, and usually share it with three other people. Even with that many people eating it, we always end up taking leftovers home. I honestly have no idea how those pancake champions did it, which brings me to this question: Are you the next Mac Daddy champion?

MAC 24/7 • Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, 2500 Kuhio Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815 • Opens 24-7 • 808-921-5564 • www.mac247waikiki.com


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