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Urban Legends Hawaii: Spooky Stories Not to Ignore

I love mythology, legends, and spooky stories that leave me thinking about them for days. And the Urban Legends Hawaii offers are no exceptions.  As you might know, there are many Hawaiian legends about the different foods and goddesses here in Hawaii that date back many, many years. Some of the warnings they give have […]

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Hawaiian Folklore: Our Top 3 Lovers and Romantic Legends

Hawaii is such a romantic destination, and Hawaiian folklore is teeming with love stories. Unfortunately, many of these stories don’t have the happiest endings.  Still, they’re great to know and inspiring to hear. Plus they hold a lot of importance in Hawaiian culture.  So before you head to Hawaii for a honeymoon, anniversary trip, or […]

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What to Know About Hawaii’s ʻŌhiʻa Lehua Tree

ʻŌhiʻa Lehua is one of Hawaiiʻs most important trees, as its past is interwoven with so much history, and its beauty represents so much of Hawaiiʻs culture. But its future is threatened. As Rapid Ohia Death sweeps through the Island of Hawaii, the tree is becoming more treasured than ever.  Interested in learning more about […]

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