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West Oahu’s Keawaʻula Beach (Yokohama Beach)

You can’t drive a full loop around west Oahu. Kaena Point stands in the way, offering beautiful hiking but no road access between the western and northern shores. But you can drive to Yokohama Beach, a stunning and secluded spot that marks the end of the road in west Oahu.  Visiting Yokohama Beach Yokohama Beach, […]

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Oahu’s Kaena Point: The End of the Road in Hawaii

One small corner of Oahu is only accessible on foot: Kaena Point. Roads from both directions end at this westernmost edge of the island, making it impossible to drive completely around Oahu. This seclusion preserves one of the last intact dune ecosystems in the main Hawaiian islands. A Sacred Place for Hawaiians, a Sanctuary for […]

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