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There is nothing quite like a real surprise, and when that surprise is a trip to Hawaii for your 50th wedding anniversary, the word “surprise” doesn’t even come close to expressing the joy something like that brings.

That is just the case with the Raymond family of the East Coast, whose son Nick surprised his parents (Rosemary and Leo) with just that: an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Abby at Hawaii Aloha Travel is honored and delighted to have made all of the arrangements of this once in a lifetime Hawaiian Vacation ..

A video (see below) was made of the presentation, and that video has gone viral with over 600,000 views. First, the parents were given plastic flower lei. They were bemused at first, but had no clue about the news they were about to receive. Here’s the email Abby got:

Aloha Abby,
The past two days have been a bit crazy. Everything went great, my parents are super excited for the trip. My sister recorded their reactions and I uploaded it to YouTube for friends & family to see, it got viewed already over 200,000 times! KITV in Honolulu actually reached out to me and did a news piece on it last night, crazy stuff. I have to extend a thank you to you as well for helping me put this altogether. If you’re interested in seeing their reactions, here’s the video: Revealing The Vacation for My Parents 50th Anniversary.

YouTube video

They were then presented with a Hawaii All inclusive itinerary for their 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Streamers were popped, and the mother asked, “Are you crazy?!” Laughter and shrieks of joy from there family members are clearly audible.

The son then informs his parents that he had spoken with the couples’ respective employers about the vacation, it’s been approved, and that everything has been taken care of.

Even the couple’s incidental expenses were covered through a card to be presented at checkout throughout their vacation. Their son even presented an envelope full of cash to cover things like tips and other incidentals.

“This covers everything,” he says. “You’re not paying a penny.”

As the son explains in the video, all the Hawaii vacation plans are set, trip includes a direct flight from Newark, NJ to HNL and even upgraded seats on the plane. Their first three nights include a trip to the USS Arizona Memorial, a couple of luau, and the hugely popular Secret Hawaii Tours excursion to visit a variety of sites made famous in a variety of film and television productions.

The couple then travels to Maui, to visit Haleakala Crater and a number of other popular. The trip also includes a trip to the Big Island and a trip to Hawaii Volcanos National Park and dinner at the famous Volcano House overlooking the crater floor of Kilauea. It is a comprehensive tour of many of the sites that make Hawaii such a coveted vacation destination.

Of course, the parents are soon overcome with emotion, breaking into joyful tears and sobbing hugs.

And this is exactly the kind of thing we do at Hawaii Aloha Travel. We make dreams come true, and we love doing it.


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