Small Business Saturdays in Hawaii

The entrance to Banana Patch Studio on Kauai
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No matter what, shoppers should always “support local,” as the mantra declares, but there’s no better day to do that than on Small Business Saturday. The day in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday that fosters mom-and-pop shopping, versus shopping at big-box retailers and e-commerce stores.

Luckily, Hawaii is a breeding ground for small businesses; whether it be handmade jewelry or one-of-a-kind clothing pieces, shoppers will be delighted to find a variety of boutiques on almost any side of the island. They’re usually sprinkled throughout shopping centers, in between big-named stores and other corporate chains.

Small Business Saturday, the brainchild of the small business pision of American Express, takes place every Nov. 30. Hawaii credits two female entrepreneurs on Oahu’s North Shore, who set out to create an innovative community model of support for small, local businesses. Their efforts have since expanded throughout the island to include many more businesses.

We oftentimes forget that these businesses are a part of our community, too, and include more than just clothing stores but spas, massage parlors and art galleries as well. It’s a good time to show our support for them; not to mention snatch a few deals while we’re at it.

I would say each Hawaiian Island has its share of small boutiques, but Oahu and Kauai probably have the most. On Oahu, you’ll find boutiques and small companies at Ward Center, in Waikiki and in Kailua; on Kauai, small businesses seem to dominate the shopping industry wherever you go, so you’ll have no problem spending your money there!