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Just when I thought I knew all there is to know about Hawaii’s tourist attractions, I see this thing rolling pass me:

It was like an unconventional bike with riders seated at a table but…peddling? Flowy fringe adornments, similar to a grass hula skirt, decorated the rooftop awning. I couldn’t tell from afar, but it looked like the riders were not only peddling but drinking something as well. I assumed beer because I saw what looked like a beer tap.

Because there was no signage on the beer bike cart thing, I decided to look it up on my phone. Googling just that, “Hawaii beer bike cart.” As it turns out, the attraction is a fairly recent venture that’s meant to be a sustainable way of having fun in Hawaii’s outdoors. The Ohana Cruzer, as it’s called, is modeled after a popular European attraction called the “Beer Bike.” A local pub in the Netherlands invented the multi-person bike in 1997.

However, this particular Hawaii bike does not serve beer. Instead, Sip n’ Cycle LLC offers fresh, ice-cold Hawaiian juices. Think of it as a “Juice Bar on wheels,” as described on its site; the only one in the nation, apparently. I think serving alcohol would have been a better sell for many visitors and locals but perhaps that’s something the company will explore at a later time.

Fourteen passengers power the 2,000-lb. bicycle – five on each side and the rest sitting up front on a bench. The website points out that the bench is suitable for riders who may be physically-challenged or senior citizens…or lazy people like me, ha!

I checked out the route, and wow! Riders cover a decent amount of ground during the two-hour tour. It looks like they start in Kapahulu, then travel parallel to the Ala Wai Canal before turning onto Kalakaua Avenue. Riders end up back where they started, completing a full loop. I wondered how comfortable that would be for your tooshie. The website says the Cruzer offers adjustable saddle bike seats and backrests. In addition to bum comforts, the bike has water misters, built-in stereo system, cup holders, ice chests and LED lighting for those night rides.

I love the idea that Sip n’ Cycle has brought to the table. An active – yet leisurely – way of having fun. Now, if only there was a bike that served sushi. Ahh, the possibilities are endless!


• Juice bar on wheels • $35 per rider (Kamaaina discount available) or $190 per hour to rent entire bike •


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