Should Hawaii Travelers Ship Their Luggage?

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I’ve been coming across a lot of travel articles on shipping luggage instead of paying the airline fee, which made me wonder – is it worth it for Hawaii travelers?

Probably not.

Most experts compare prices for short distances of travel, such as Chicago to Orlando. In that case, it would make sense to send luggage four or five days in advance. Instead of paying $115 one-way for a checked-in bag, travelers would pay about $40 each way via FedEx.

Shipping from Hawaii to the continental U.S., however, would cost much more. For instance, sending two 50-plus-pound suitcases via FedEx would leave you with a $200 to $300 bill. That’s even if you used a luggage box from the shipping company, meant to cut down costs like a flat-rate box does.

So if you plan to do a lot of shopping on your Hawaii vacation, then be prepared to pay a little extra in the end. Otherwise, plan ahead to avoid going over the luggage weight limit.

I usually pack an extra duffle bag when leaving for a trip. It fits snugly at the bottom of my checked-in suitcase. When returning, however, the duffle becomes my carry-on to bring back stuff I purchased while on vacation. Most times, they’re souvenirs for friends and family or the end result of a spontaneous shopping spree in Urban Outfitters. This duffle bag tactic is what saves me in the end. You, too, can save yourself some money by learning to be a smarter traveler.


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