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Who knew a popular Brazilian bikini store would start selling shave ice?

I had to do a double take when recently driving by the barn-red shop in Haleiwa. Its country store appeal blended in nicely with its retail neighbors, but the sign hanging above caught my eye. San Lorenzo Shave Ice? That’s seems like a pretty big stretch from the barely-there bikinis and sheer beachwear already sold.

​The shave ice isn’t nearly as sexy, though. And no, there aren’t bikini babes serving you that frozen treat. Although, I’d imagine that would help their reputation a bit; I noticed just a few customers enjoying their shave ice outside of San Lorenzo, while down the street, a long line snaked out of Matsumoto’s Shave Ice.

San Lorenzo’s shave ice is tasty but double the price of Matsumoto’s. I enjoyed the creative flavors, like haupia and butterscotch; however, it took a while for them to make it. The machine seemed old or just really slow; I spent at least 30 minutes there because of the two people ahead of me. But still, 30 minutes is totally unacceptable for a treat practically made of ice.

Next time, I probably will choose Matsumoto’s or Aoki’s (once they move to their new spot) over San Lorenzo. Maybe they should just stick to bikinis. Ladies can try on some of their suits next door to the shave ice shop, which is what I’ll probably be doing if I ever head up there again. Just not for shave ice.

SAN LORENZO SHAVE ICE• 66-057 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96712 • Opens Mon-Sun 10am-630pm • 808-637-3200


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