Scott Caan Apologizes For Slamming Hawaii

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Hawaii Five-0 star Scott Caan said he’s sorry for bashing Hawaii on national television. It was in response to the backlash against him by fans, non-fans and no-longer fans. Caan apologized via e-mail, probably through his publicist, but hey, we’ll take it:

“I am truly sorry for my comments made on Chelsea Lately,’” Caan said in his message. “Jokes are always a part of late night talk shows, but I’m horrified if I hurt or offended anyone, as that was not my intention. I love Hawaii, I love the people of Hawaii and I apologize.”

Scott Caan (second from the right) and the Five-0 crew.

True, late night talk shows can get out of hand, especially with a host as feisty as Chelsea Handler. But I thought jokes were supposed to be funny? I honestly couldn’t figure out if he was joking, which tells me he’s a much better actor than he is a comedian. Of course, he’s not the only celeb to knock Hawaii, but at least their blunt humor is obvious…and mostly funny.

Caan has the right to his opinions, and so do we. We’re not just going to sit here and ignore a topic that obviously means something to the community. Blogs are meant for discussion; they’re meant to start conversations about topics people care about. We always cover Five-0 here – the good (his birthday song), the bad (Five-0’s low ratings) and the ugly. There’s no way of sugarcoating it. Caan offended some people. We wrote about it.

And while we all can’t wait for this Caan drama to fizzle out, it’s ironic that those continuing to fan the flames are those who consider themselves his most passionate fans. They’ll continue to defend Caan, as we’ll continue to defend Hawaii. It’s a natural chain of events that will eventually run its course. Everyone’s said their piece, and Caan apologized. That doesn’t necessarily mean Hawaii’s going to forget what he said, but it does mean it’s time for everyone to move on.


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