Scoop of Paradise in Waialua

Scoop Of Paradise coffee and ice cream shop in Waialua
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I always love exploring new coffee shops, so finding one that doubled as an ice cream parlor couldn’t have been a better discovery for me!

Scoop of Paradise can be easily overlooked when exploring Oahu’s north shore. It’s not necessarily in a high-traffic area, like Haleiwa or Pupukea. In fact, I only found it by accident when we made a stop at Paalaa Kai Bakery next door. Curious, I walked over to the faded two-story structure, where signs boasting coffee, salads, sandwiches and ice cream hung over the entryway.

When I went inside, I noticed a computer repair business to my right and a restroom to my left, but where was the coffee and ice cream I craved? Then something made me look down at my feet, where bright-pink ice cream cone stickers danced on the floor. They lead farther back into the dimly-lit building, where, alas, I found Scoop of Paradise.

Even then, I second guessed if I was in the correct place or not. What appeared to be a living room area with a sofa and Christmas tree made me feel like I stepped into someone’s home. It was the cutest little shop. The lady behind the counter was also really friendly and asked if I wanted to sample some of their ice cream flavors.

I ended up ordering a single scoop of pumpkin pie cheesecake. Sadly, they do not have waffle cones! And although it was a bit pricey, I would say that it was well worth my money. The quality of homemade ice cream really can’t be beat, especially with flavors like lilikoi cheesecake and Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie.

Oh yeah, and I did get a small mocha to go! Went very well with my snow puffies from Paalaa Kai Bakery!


• 66-935 Kaukonahua Rd., Ste 105 Waialua, HI 96791 • Opens daily 9am-6pm