Rock Scaling at Waimea Valley

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Rock scaling sounds like it could be something fun you’d do in Hawaii, but actually, it’s an important maintenance process for all sites with rock foundations. Waimea Valley Park does this every couple of years to prevent any land slides or accidents.

Usually, the park closes to the public for about two to three weeks – while they do maintenance on the front entrance area. However, there will most likely be rock scaling done throughout for the following month, so you can see firsthand what the process entails.

Currently, the park will be closed until Jan. 20, 2014.

To the average visitor, rock scaling probably never crosses his or her mind. However, it is very important in order to secure the longevity of the park, especially because Waimea Valley is surrounded by a natural rock wall. Rock scaling basically consists of analysis of rock formation stability and securing of rock groups that may pose a hazard in the future.

According to park officials, the last scaling was in 2008. However, they do periodic maintenance to prevent any incidents. The north shore of Oahu tends to be a lot rainier than other parts of the island, so this process is definitely necessary!