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In Hawaii, surf reaches beyond the ocean’s deep blue hues. It’s in the way we dress and the way we speak; surf has been infused into our culture and conveyed through various creative mediums. So when local artists come around every so often, we like to give them a gentle tip of the hat to show that we appreciate their effort.

Heather’s unique art pieces have become a sought-after item worldwide.

Heather Brown, however, seems like she’ll be sticking around for much longer than it takes paint to dry. The North Shore Oahu native runs with the simplicity of the surf lifestyle and makes them her own. Her surf and ocean inspired art takes a much bolder approach to such a way of living, with brighter colors, chunkier brush strokes and darker outlines. Heather describes her work as “alive.”

Today, you can find her work on greeting cards, clothing, bags and iPhone cases. Heather went big-time when she was selected by Rip Curl to be their Artist of the Search four years ago and just recently, got her own line called “Rip Curl by Heather Brown.” Heather graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor in fine arts and enjoys painting, photography and drawing. She describes printmaking as a rare method to making art as of late and describes her experience as meditative.

Heather Brown’s gallery just celebrated three years, which is also when she launched her Rip Curl line.

I’d like to think that I got one of her first prints from an art gallery in Chinatown. It’s of a surfer guy and surfer girl looking at the waves from shore. The print is comfortably posted up in my kitchen, next to the ocean tide calendar, and reminds me from time to time of how simple life can be. All that’s needed is a bathing suit, some sun, sunscreen and sand.

Maybe you, too, can get a glimpse of this lifestyle when you look at Heather’s artwork. Either way, it’s nice to see a local artist from the laid-back North Shore surf town do so well. You go, girl!

HEATHER BROWN ART • www.heatherbrownart.com

Photo Credit: Heather Brown Art


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