Remember Drive-In Movie Theaters?

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Hawaii should bring back drive-in movie theaters. There was a handful of them years ago but not since the late ‘90s, when the last one shut down. Recently, the outdoor cinema has actually been making a come back nationwide, as people get tired of the stuffed-up indoor scene and prefer fresh air, so-to-speak, or a more involved movie experience.

Hawaii loves movies on the beach. Why not bring back movies at a drive-in?

For me, drive-in movie theaters are nostalgic. They bring back some of my favorite memories with my older brothers. Allen, the oldest, took me and Brandon to our first drive-in movie. We were so excited. We packed the car with snacks, drinks and fuzzy blankets. A futon mattress was another must; it fit snuggly in the back of his truck for extra comfort.

As we rolled up in Allen’s shiny pink low-rider truck (which was a thrill in itself for any kid), I remember seeing the dimly-lit parking lot of cars and people and the huge movie screen upfront. The thing is, I don’t remember what the movie was because by the time we got set up to watch it, I had fallen fast asleep!

There’s no question that Hawaii has ideal weather for an outdoor movie theater. Clear, starry nights and warm temps for most of the year. I’m sure the people would dig it, too, since we always go bonkers for those Sunset on the Beach events, so much so, that they’ve been popping up beyond Waikiki, on other islands as well.

I remember seeing something a few years ago that Aloha Stadium planned to have a monthly drive-in movie night, but not sure how that went. That would be the perfect spot, though, and it’d be great to make use of the venue after hours.

As long as it’s a good movie and it’s cheap, drive-in theaters could become just as much a novelty as old-school diners and movies on the beach. Plus, with more and more people watching movies on DVDs and on demand, the outdoor theater could be a much welcomed retro experience for everyone, of all ages.


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