Ready, Set…A Jet from Australia

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Some Aloha from abroad!

Australia gifted a pristine F-111 fighter jet to the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. It belongs to the Royal Australian Air Force and boasts a storied 37-year service career. This jet just so happen to be Australia’s go-to strike aircraft from 1973 to 2010.

It’s not unheard of for this museum to get an airplane donated or loaned to them; however, the gift of a jet is something of a first. It is the only one given outright and the only one being given outside of Australia. Pacific Aviation owns it!

The shop crew has been busy prepping the F-111 for display. No word yet on when exactly it will be ready for the public to viewing. The crew consists of former airline, former navy and former air force members.

The jet will be added to the museum’s collection of vintage and high performance aircrafts. From seeing combat in Vietnam to participating in the bombing raids of Operation Desert Storm, the F-111 is ready for its final resting place in Hawaii.

Photo Courtesy: Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor