Punchbowl Cemetery Gets an App

Punchbowl Cemetery statue
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Did you know that there’s an app that helps Punchbowl Cemetery visitors find the graves of loved ones?

While it doesn’t quite have a catchy name like most apps nowadays, it definitely has an important purpose for the millions of visitors who tour the cemetery every year, including the families and friends of veterans. Users may search by name, birthdate or date of death to locate a grave site. As of now, the free app is only available to iPhone users.

Given the more than 55,000 burial sites at Punchbowl, an app like this will definitely be useful. It not only saves time when searching the sites but also a lot of heartache. I’ve heard a few stories where a family member traveled all the way to Hawaii, only to leave frustrated and saddened because they gave up trying to find a loved one’s grave.

Punchbowl Cemetery, more formally known as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, honors those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Since dedication in 1949, about 53,000 World War I, World War II, Korean war and Vietnam War veterans lay to rest here. Today, it is also a popular stop for tourists visiting the islands.

The NMCP Finder app is free and available on the iTunes store. Check back for updates and further information regarding accessibility to other phone carriers.