Popping Fireworks on Your Hawaii Vacation

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Hawaii definitely knows how to ring in the new year with added flair, and that’s by way of fireworks. Whether a public aerial display or a smaller-scale show of sparklers and snappers, fireworks have become a longtime tradition in the islands.

There will no doubt be plenty of fireworks shows throughout the state, but there’s still something so exhilarating about igniting your own. Now, I promise I’m not a pyromaniac, but you just can’t visit Hawaii during New Years Eve or Fourth of July without popping your own!

Local supermarkets sell ones that do not require permits, such as the sparklers, fountains, snappers and ground blooms. However, any non-aerial firecrackers require a $25 permit. I would suggest getting the small-time kine, like I did while on Kauai. I bought just a few boxes and plan to pop them down at a beach park.

HOWEVER, and there is a “however.” Please try your best to clean up any litter, and try not to get too close to the ocean. I understand there may not be a whole lot of places to set off fireworks; after all, I’m sure your hotel would not appreciate you blowing things up in its parking lot. So just be mindful of where you are.

Not only is it exciting to pop fireworks, but many believe it to be good luck as well. The superstitions have mixed over time; however, for the most part, fireworks are believed to scare off the bad spirits and ring in the new year with, well, a bang… literally.