Pineapple + Ice Cream

A pineaple ice cream cone
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Pineapple and ice cream are quite the combo. In fact, it’s what keeps visitors coming back to Dole Plantation in Haleiwa. Some admit to making the long drive out there just to get a scoop or two of the tropically creamy blend.

That’s probably because it’s the freshest ice cream around. Made with – of course – the very savory crops grown by Dole, this frozen treat can cool you off within moments of all that taste-bud mingling. It’s especially nice on those muggy rainy days.

I always prefer a cone to a cup, but both serving are equally large, which makes it well worth the $4.50 price. It’s nice to wrap up a long day on the North Shore with something cold. For us, it usually involves making the tough decision between shave ice or ice cream from Dole. Recently, Dole has been winning over our cravings. In addition, they serve pineapple whip, pineapple split and pineapple float.

I especially like that this treat is topped off with fresh pineapples. It’s like a double-whammy of tropical goodness that sends visitors frolicking off into the pineapple fields, sort of. Before exploring the plantation grounds or wandering into the pineapple maze, you’ll find visitors enthralled in the creamy pineapple delight.

Be on the lookout for Dole discount coupons, too. I’ve found some in those free island guide books that offer a two-for-one deal.


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