Pele Got Her Hair Did

Pele's Hair lava spectacle
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The Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes apparently has some pretty intense locks. Pele’s Hair, a geological term for volcanic glass, forms when hot molten lava is thrown into the air during an explosive eruption.

But the mane only forms with the help of the wind. Hence, Pele’s hair can be mostly found downwind from active vents. In Hawaii, the goddess’ hair has been spotted at Halemaumau Crater on the Hawaii Island. It may be dispersed between rocks or caught on manmade structures, like radio antennas.

Each strand may be up to six feet long. They’re also very thin and therefore, delicate, with a strand no thicker than a half a millimeter. If you’re wondering about the color of her locks, then you can expect it to be a gold or golden-brown shade. That’s due to the slight weathering effects, according to a geology professor at the University of Hawaii.

Pele’s Hair is one of many fascinating features of Mother Nature, and it’s not by accident that it was named after Madame Pele. According to Hawaiian mythology, she is the goddess of not only volcanoes but also fire, lighting and wind. And whether in her mythological form or her geological one, Pele is not a woman to be messed with!

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons